Santa makes a stop

With a thump and a flurry of soot he lands in the hearth

Dressed in a long fur trimmed coat to keep out the cold

With a fur lined hat and black boots, he looks old

But his step is quite spritely and he makes not a sound

As he slings his great sack of toys to the ground

He picks out the presents to leave by the tree

Where the children and adults will easily see

That the magic of Christmas remains as always

In generosity and goodwill throughout the dark days

Of December as families unite round the fire

And talk of their year until they retire

For a well earned rest in a warm cosy bed

But not for St. Nick who has a long night ahead

He’s back on the roof and into his sleigh

And with a word to his reindeer he’s soon on his way

Some say they heard a jolly old man give a very loud shout

Then a clatter and whoosh, just the wind roundabout.

Santa Claus

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